Ayothaya Elephant Village
101 , Moo 7 , Pailing
Home of Elephants
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                                                                                  Well lets

                           consider you will be working with elephants, and they are not completely odourless,You will be
                             getting wet and dirty all the time, so We recommend you have two sets of clothing available
                                                                               any given time.
                                                                 We recommend you bring the following:

3/4 length trousers :( ideal for elephant riding) elephants Are rather hairy so small shorts
are not a good idea or if you like were long trousers over your shorts ,when riding an elephant.
Flip flop type shoes are ideal because they can be quickly removed when
riding an elephant.  Tee shirts (tank top ok) ideal t least 1 long
sleeve vest (it rains)Plastic lightweight rainwearas when it rains - it rains hard
Trainers or sneakers to walk in the forest and around the camp.
Sun creams and lotions, blockers ,pain creams if you get burnt. Magazines and your favourite
tea bags.Mosquito repellents, mosquito tablets -Sarongs or shorts to walk in the forest,
or to use after a shower ,Thai people like to cover up so please don't offend them by showing
too much bare skin.Toiletries are availablehere but if you prefer brand names then bring
your favourite  with you Cameras and video recorders are a must
don't forget the chargers and spare batteries.A torch in case you need the loo at night ....
that's if your staying at the campAny books or games -music players mp3 
your nights in the camp are up to you Notepad for writing down commands and signs
names of elephants -mahouts etc. Small rucksack to carry your Bits and BoBs
around whilst working with the elephants. Your other items will
be safe in your house (Valuables left in a Safe)

Bring a photocopy of your passport because you
need to carry this at all times ,its a legal
requirement by the Thailand

What to Bring with You