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Temple of the Reclining Buddha (Wat Lokayasutharam)

Wat Lokayasutharam is a monastery situated behind Wat Suanluangsopsawan and next to Wat Worachettharam. You can reach the monastery by the road inside the compound of the Distillery Plant, or through the road behind the Phlapphla Trimuk (three-gabled roof pavilion).

The reclining Buddha itself is quite spectacular, quite different from the other ruins and temples in the area. The statue, which is made from brick and covered with plaster, is absolutely enormous; approximately 37 meters long and 8 meters high. The statue, the second largest reclining Buddha in Thailand after the reclining statue in Bangkok, faces east and is the images of Phra Budhasaiyart.

There are several large ruined hexagonal pillars near the image, which are believed to be the ruins of the Ubosot.

The image was restored in 1954 funded and again in 1989 by Lady Rabiab Dhamrongnahwahsawat and family to dedicate the merit to a former Prime Minister of Thailand.     

Wat Mahathat

One of Ayutthaya's most famous temples, Wat Mahathat was built in 1374 during the reign of King Borom Rachathirat I to serve as the capital city's sacred centre. The name Mahathat means Great Relic, and the crypt within is believed to protect important relics of Lord Buddha.

The temple featured a large central prang, originally made of laterrire, but later rebuilt in brick after it collapsed.

Rucksacked by the Burmese, the complex has been in a state of ruin ever since. The highlight and famous feature of this temple is an ancient Buddha head, which has become engulfed by the roots of a giant banyan tree.

Opening Hours: Daily 07:30 - 18:30. Floodlit nightly 19:00 to 21:00.     

Wat Lokayasutharam
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