Ayothaya Elephant Village
101 , Moo 7 , Pailing
Home of Elephants
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Wat Kudi Dao was built in the period of King Narai and King Boromakot took three years to restore this temple is the typical late Ayutthaya structures the building with slightly curve at the middle of the long side and the rounded stupa with pillars supporting its prong.

A large temple which is presumed to have been constructed in the middle Ayutthaya period. In 1711, during the reign of King Thai Sa it was restored and resulted in the architectural style seen today. This temple according to historical ducuments, was a residence of "Phra Theb Muni", an important forest-dwelling high-ranking priest.
Wat Dusitdaram, Ayutthaya

The Chronical mentioned that this temple was builting by "Chao Mae Wat Dusit", the wetnurse of King Narai the Great and mother of Phraya Kosathibodi (Rex) and Phraya Kosathibodi (Parn). When King Narai the Great acceded to the throne, Chao Mae Wat Dusit go to became a nun at this temple.

San (joss-house) Chao Mae Wat Dusit
The ancient monument Wat Dusitdaram is no record of the date of its construction studies on the evidence from the archaeological excavation and the remains such as Chedi, recommend that this temple was repaired in the middle of Ayutthaya period or in the end reign of King Thai Sa - King Borommakodth.

Wat Kudi Dao
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