Ayothaya Elephant Village
101 , Moo 7 , Pailing
Home of Elephants
Visit Ayutthaya
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Elephant Care Programs :

This program is ideal for those staying around the Ayutthaya area ,and don't have the time to volunteer ,this program will give you the insight into how the elephants live and work and how to care for them , to get close to these gentle giants.

Truly a wonderful experience to treasure for a long to come.

Our Half / Full  Day  Experience Care Programs

Half Day Elephant care program :
Complete Tour of the camp
Introduction to your Mahout and elephant
20 minute trek into the forest
Walk through the forest with your elephant and trainer
learn how to command your elephant
Feed your elephant - shower -clean their living area
You have a short break
Learn climb on and off
Trek through the village on the neck of your elephant
Thai lunch

Full Day Elephant Care  Program :

The 1 day program is an extension of the half day
meaning you will spend more time with the elephant
learning to care for it. This will give you more confidence.

Both the half day and full day are very suitable for
children, a fantastic experience to learn and take care.
Those under 13 will be able to share with an adult a
elephant, also they will take part in every activity performed
on the Elephant Care Experience Program.

             5000 Thai Baht Half Day
                 7000 Thai baht  Full Day
A complete tour of the camp ,and how we all live and work together. How we are
trying to raise funds for the  upkeep of these magnificent giants. Working alongside
a elephant and its keeper the mahout.

Volunteer Program