Ayothaya Elephant Village
101 , Moo 7 , Pailing
Home of Elephants
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6.30 am    Accompany your mahout to
                 the forest to ride your elephant
                 back to the Pang Chang Camp
8.30 am     Continental breakfast served
                 the nearby guesthouse will be
                collected at 8.00 and 8.20 am to
                travel to the camp)
9.00  am   Training with your elephant
                in the forest
10.00 am   Feeding and watering your
                elephant and keeping its living
                area tidy
11.00 am   Lunch is served at the camp
                normally consists of  traditional
                Thai food such as chicken with
                stir fried vegetables. the food can
                be served western style ,so not 
                too many chillies etc.
12.00 pm   Relaxation period

1.00  pm   Training with your elephant
                in the forest
  Feeding and watering your
               elephant and keeping its living
               area tidy -optional trips available
               to local markets - local temples,
               schools and local towns or
               learning traditional local
Volunteers staying at a local
               guesthouse can either join the
               optionaL trips , or you can continue
               to care for the elephants or enjoy
              their own free time. 
  Riding your elephant back to
               the forest to rest for the night.
   Evening meal (traditional Thai foods).
              all meals are included
              We are happy to cater for a
                  dietary  supplement

             Optional trips are available
                      (additional fee)


As a volunteer of The Ayothaya Elephant Village Sanctuary Program you will be staying at The Pang Chang Camp with the mahouts and their families .We can find a local guesthouse for you if you prefer.

By staying at the camp you will be completely immersed- and welcomed  into the mahout way of life and there community .You will live with the mahouts and their families in the same type of housing as them (no air conditioning  ,but cool)  eat with them ,and get to know them and their families. Truly a magical experience.

The accommodation is very basic ,there is no  hot water ,but its not cold,
Taking a shower means pouring a bowl of water over your head ! You will stay in a bamboo and pineapple leaf house, sleeping on a mattress on the floor. All houses have electricity and fans and you can charge your phones etc .
Toilet facilities are at the camp, they are modern western type and kept clean but remember to bring toilet tissue.

2.00 pm

3.00 pm


You will experience the lifestyle of a mahout, you will ride your elephant to the forest every morning and return at sunset to take your elephant back  to its sleeping area ,normally stopping at the nearby lake so that your elephant can take a swim.

  A Breathtaking sight!

Volunteer Daily Routine