Ayothaya Elephant Village
101 , Moo 7 , Pailing
Home of Elephants
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   Welcome to Ayothaya Elephant Village       
      We would like you to enjoy an unforgettable experience
Please come and visit us were you have the chance to ride a
graceful elephant.  Walk through the forest and
river banks were you will experience the beautiful sights
of  Ayutthaya's ancient capital city.
Here amongs the Temples ruins you will witness history.
It is here where the future of Thailand was created .

Experience the beauty and grace of the most  prestige animal
that ever walked this earth.

Choosen by Kings ,the elephant is the Historic symbol of
Thailand .Used as a war machine it helped create Thailand
as it is today.They are very strong ,clever and very polite.
The elephant has become the most trusted animal to influence
the Thai people's lifestyle from present to the past.

Our Elephant's  Ayothaya