Ayothaya Elephant Village
101 , Moo 7 , Pailing
Home of Elephants
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One of the many Beliefs of Buddhism is
that of reincarnation until your soul
reaches a stage of enlightenment.

Lord Budda is said to have incarnated as a white
elephant several times, including as Chaddanta - a
snow white elephant with six tusks who lead a herd of
8000 and had the ability to fly.
Another story in Buddhism is Lord Budda taming
the ferocious elephant Nalagiri who had been sent to kill him.
When the elephant charged towards him Lord Budda sent
out his thoughts of loving and kindness to Nalagiri 
who then stood and listened to the words
of advice and then caused the Lord Budda no Harm.

The Hindu God Ganesh

the Hindu God Ganesh has the head of an elephant and is
believed to be the protector of wisdom and the removal odjects.
Another Hindu God Erawan has 3 heads representing Brahma
Vishnu and Shiva

The War Elephant

Elephants have been used in wars throughout Thai history.
Their size and strength made them natural allies to the armies
that fought along side the elephants. They were the earliest form
of the Tank ,and were used wearing full armour to intimidate
their enemy. Their tusks would be tipped with poisons
and swords attached to their trunks. The elephants
were trained to fight with their tusks and Tought to trample
men and horses under their feet. The Mahout training
the elephant gained a very respected position and an esteemed
Thai elephants were used up to the 19th century
during fighting with Burma, and later the Japanese used
elephants to fight against the British during the second world
war to carry heavy equipment and supplies

Elephant In Religion