Ayothaya Elephant Village
101 , Moo 7 , Pailing
Home of Elephants
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One of the many ways you can help The Elephant Ayothaya Village Sanctuary  is to
adopt an elephant.By helping in this way you will contribute
to the feeding and the medical care of your elephant for a whole year.
You can adopt an elephant for a one year term ,or automatically renew your adoption
subscription ,we will send you news and photos by email on a regular basis and post
you a Certificate of Adoption to treasure.

We give you a choice of sole adoption or you can share this adoption between 2/3/4
persons or a company can adopt.
You may want to adopt but sharing will ease the cost for you.

When you adopt we will make sure you receive news about The Elephant Village
Ayutthaya Sanctuary .A regular news letter ,updates,  photos  of your elephants
welfare and  progress .You will automatically be subscribed to our news
letter on completion of your adoption form processed giving you
updated information.

Sole adoption for a one year period          5000 Thai Baht

Please remember this includes the
feeding program

A reciept and your Certifate of Adoption
will then be sent to you

As we  are restricted by a budget  you can help us
enormously whatever the size of your donation
it will help towards the upkeep of the
Phang Chang Ayuthaya  Sanctuary Camp
and allow the elephants to maintain their new life
and to be treated and cared for as they should be.

Donations can help us provide food for
a week or month

The cost of food is very high

Any monies recieved will go 100% towards the
maintaining of the camp - meaning food costs
and cleaning tools

We apprieciate any amount received ,it all helps
thank you.

To Donate you can donate on your visit or you can
Paypal you donations direct to us .
A thank you receipt will be issued by return
and a Certificate of Donation will be sent to you.

Your Name
Your Email Address
Phone Number
Stay with Us
Amount Send
Receipt Required

If you wish to Donate -Adopt -Stay with Us  Please fill out this
form Stating your requirements.We are grateful for any amount given .
If you come to visit us at Pang Chang you can see for yourself . We 
take Special Care of our Elephants .You will see this ,we have a very strict
policy about he Care and  treatment of these Gentle Giants.
PayPal address
Adopt an  Ayothaya Elephant
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